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“I absolutely love Sylvie’s books and SIBO Solution is no different. Chock full of personal anecdotes and practical tips, this book is a must read for anyone suffering with major digestive distress or SIBO. Instead of this being a daunting or discouraging diagnosis, Sylvie gives hope that there is a SIBO solution!”She has a gift for distilling science and rigorous research into a language all of us can understand.   

Robin Konie
"As a previous SIBO sufferer I was quite knowledgeable about the whole routine. However, this book was the most comprehensive and up to date SIBO resource that I have found online. It was very helpful to see other people's breath test result & to have them explained properly (the doctors never have the time to go into so much detail). It was great to have so much info on the different protocols. I am now on my second round of elimination diet with herbal antibiotics & I cannot WAIT to get retested at the end of it.”